Why are we are different - and better? 
Because we make it all about YOU

As one of our students told us, his original guitar teacher got him started by strumming songs like Amazing Grace on a nylon string guitar.  As a young man who was into rock music, this was a complete turn-off and he gave up a short time later.

Because we want you to really enjoy learning the guitar, we have based our method around making sure that you are enjoying yourself. 

We start off by teaching you how to play music that you like. 

When you make your phone call to book your first lesson, we'll ask you what artists or songs you like and are interested in learning to play. 

Some songs will be too hard for a beginner to play.

However, in most cases, it will be possible for you to play these songs (or at least key parts of the songs).

By teaching you music that you like – rather than boring old songs that fit around certain chord changes – you'll be more interested in learning and in keeping on learning.

We have students who are into old school rock, into Disney Channel hits, into punk, into metal.  

All we care about is that you enjoy learning the guitar .... and you'll get the most fun out of playing your favourite music.

We start off with riffs and power chords rather than strumming open chords

If you've ever had a guitar lesson before, you will probably have learnt a couple of open chords (like C or G) and practiced changing those chords. 

Unfortunately, rock music isn't usually played that way.  Rock music is based on riffs and power chords. 

We start off with riffs and power chords because you can actually play most of the songs you want to play that way. 

They are also a good starting point for getting your fingers moving and ears working and allowing you to move on to tricker things when you get better.

We use an electric guitar and distortion

The other thing about traditional guitar lessons is that you'll usually start on an acoustic guitar – often a nylon string one.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many great rock songs recorded using nylon string guitars and so you can't play anything that sounds remotely like the songs you're interested in.

Using an electric guitar allows you to actually sound like the guitarist on the song you're playing.  We'll even turn up the distortion on the amp so you sound even more it.

Fortunately, it is possible to buy decent quality starter guitar and amp packs quite cheaply – there isn't too much price difference between these and a decent acoustic guitar. 

However, if you don't have an electric guitar, we always bring one to each lesson for you to use.

The result of all this is that you'll enjoy the early stages of learning the guitar much more than you would with traditional guitar lessons.  Because you'll be enjoying yourself, you'll be motivated to keep practicing.  Before you know it you'll move from being a beginner to being a pretty hot guitar player.

We've had success in teaching kids and teenagers and men and women of all ages.  We teach in your own home, both during the day and in the evening.

To make your first step on your road to becoming a guitar hero, contact us today.

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