Frequently asked questions

How old should a child be before they learn the guitar?

While there's no set age, I believe that a child needs to be at a stage of development when they can independently concentrate on tasks and have reasonable fine motor skills.  5 is probably too young, while 9 is definitely old enough.

Can you be too old to learn the guitar?

Assuming your fingers aren't too arthritic, you are never too old to learn the guitar.  As some of the greatest rock riffs were written in the 60s and 70s, people who were teenagers back then should have a ball re-living their youth.

Do you need great fine motor skills or dexterity to play the guitar?

I've spoken about younger kids' fine motor skills and older arthritic fingers above.  However, it should be stressed that the guitar can be played very well by people who are only average with their fingers.  Playing exceptionally quick leads (think Eddie Van Halen) does require natural dexterity, but 99% of guitarists don't have any great need or desire to go there.

Do you have to be highly musical to learn the guitar?

While some people are exceptionally talented, most people - including most working musicians - have only reasonable musical talent.  If you are able to tap in time with a beat or hum a tune passably, you are musical enough to learn the guitar.

Do I need an electric guitar at home for practice?

While all Axe to the Max lessons are on an electric guitar (which we bring along), there is no reason that you can't practice on an acoustic guitar between lessons.  If you can't afford to buy an electric guitar and amp just yet, then it shouldn't hold you back from at least having the fun of learning on one.

Does learning rock guitar involve reading music?

There is no reading music in Axe to the Max lessons.  While reading music is a useful (but not generally essential) skill for a professional musician, most rock guitar music is written in guitar tablature (or "tabs").  We'll generally leave a tab of the song we've learnt with you after a lesson to refresh your memory if you've forgotten something.

If you have any other questions about learning rock guitar with Axe to the Max,  contact us today and we'll be very happy to answer them for you. 





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